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(GM001/2012) CD
Unborn Suffer - "Unborn Suffer"
JAN Code : 4562222465013
Out on July 2nd, 2012
[Track Listing]
1. Human (I Am)
2. I Am Your Nemesis
3. Drugie Powolanie
4. Chains Of Nothingness (Rotten Womb)
5. From Torture To Conscience
6. Post Abortum pt 2
7. All Hope Abandoned
8. In Shadows And Dust
9. Deadly Deceivers
10. Fuck Until I Die
11. Procreated Suffering
12. Unborn Suffer
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After 10 years of playing and three albums, Obliterating from Poland, UNBORN SUFFER unleashes it's 4th and most powerful LP simply entitled "Unborn Suffer". 12 insane tracks, mixture of slamming brutal death metal and grindcore, downtuned guitars, insane drums and bass work, low, guttural pigs/swines and KATAKLYSM cover. In the vein of MORTICIAN, DEVOURMENT and DYING FETUS.
(GM002/2012) CD
Putrified J - "The Last Harvest"
JAN Code : 4562222465020
Out on July 2nd, 2012
[Track Listing]
1. Introduction
2. The Anthem
3. Suffer (Feat. Chordotomy)
4. The Beast (Feat. Cadaveric Lake)
5. Soul Vomit
6. The Last Harvest (Feat. Punished Earth)
7. Contagium
8. Slaughterhouse (Feat. Autonomy)
9. 616
10. Johnny Bloodbath (Feat. Digging Your Tomb)
11. Outroduction
12. Repulsive Dissection [Bonus Track]
13. Manifesting Abomination (Feat. Splattered Entrails) [Bonus Track]
14. Necrophilic Human Flesh [Bonus Track]
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PUTRIFIED J comes right from a worldwide scene of brutal death metal to offer their first album THE LAST HARVEST to that brutal world. Insane slams and insane guitar riffs are the master words of this album with tons of good collaborations. Spreading the disease between the continents, no one cant stop this plague who keeps groing. For fans of Kraanium, Abominable Putridity and Cranial Osteotomy.
(GM003/2012) CD
Suntorn - "The Will To Power"
JAN Code : 4562222465037
Out on August 27th, 2012
[Track Listing]
1. Dawn Of The Sons
2. 3911
3. Mental Enslavement
4. Torments Of Existence
5. Pick Your Poison
6. The Will To Power
7. Equanimity
8. Awaiting Oblivion
9. Dark Side Of The Sun
10. Ouroboros
11. Catastrophobia
12. Nature's Inexorable Imperative (Feat. Travis Ryan)
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Rising a new dawn in extreme metal, SUNTORN enlighten the underground metal scene with their vicious, debut full-length, "The Will To Power". The intro, then into "3911" delivers a heavy, slamming journey of brutality all the way from start to finish. The band's sound consists of brutal death metal, slam, and nu metal developing their own signature sound, "Nu Slam". The Will To Power contains solid riffs, brain-bashing blasts, and a wide range of vocals. In addition, the album closes with a heavy, melodic conclusion featuring Travis Ryan of Cattle Decapitation. For fans of Devourment, Dying Fetus, KoRn and Aborted.
(GM004/2012) CD
Cyanic - "Litanies Of Lust Unholy"
JAN Code : 4562222465044
Out on August 27th, 2012
[Track Listing]
1. Endless Scorn
2. Slayer Of Angels
3. Horns Of The Baphomet
4. Spiritual Exploration
5. Blasphemous Conception
6. Lurking Below
7. Raiism
8. Wolf Knife
9. Binding
10. Ten Thousand Spears
11. Raw Head
12. Runes
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The long awaited debut full length from Cyanic "litanies of lust unholy" crushes through twelve tracks with wave after wave of relentless satanic violence! Raging brutal blackend death metal with no breakdowns, no sweeps, only total blasting hatred for fans of 1349, Cannibal Corpse, Mortician.
(GM005/2012) CD
Remnant - "Instrumentals Unleashed"
JAN Code : 4562222465051
Out on August 27th, 2012
[Track Listing]
1. Track 1
2. Track 2
3. Track 3
4. Track 4
5. Track 5
6. Track 6
7. Track 7
8. Track 8
[Sales Point]
REMNANT brutal death metal one man band From California brings you intricate guitar and drum work, guttural vocals, putrefying your ears to malevolent you. This brutal full length album "Instrumentals Unleashed", consist of 8 insane tracks bringing you to another way peek of what death metal can give. For fans of Dying Fetus, Cannibal Corpse, Gorguts, and Malevolent Creation. This "Instrumentals Unleashed" album is a must have for those seekers of death metal.
(GM006/2013) CD
Urethral Defecation - "High Human Feelings"
JAN Code : 4562222465068
Out on February 4th, 2013
[Track Listing]
1. Intro
2. Fat Body
3. Good Whore - Dead Whore
4. Disfiguring The Child
5. Godless Creation
6. My Grandmother
7. High Human Feelings
8. Destruction Of Humanity
9. Gutted
10. I Hate You Kate
11. Outro
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New wave Slamming Brutal Death of Siberia! Music, like Bacillus anthracis, amaze you after listening to the first track. Leechers Guitar riffs will fill your body with the energy that you can not cope. Accompanied with a powerful vocals pigs, your body and mind will rot from the inside. Your imagination will appreciate text album. The lyrics is built on the hidden desires of man, which is in every ... But not everyone is ready to recognize them in yourself. One more surprise awaits you inside the box with the disc. For fans of "new" with a "taste" of the old ;) From Russia with Love.
(GM007/2013) CD
Disgraseed - "Flesh Market"
JAN Code : 4562222465075
Out on February 4th, 2013
[Track Listing]
1. De Wallen
2. Red Light Debauchery
3. Flesh Market
4. AK47
5. Bleeding Alone
6. Strange Birth
7. Amsterdamned
8. Disgraweed
9. Enilecuod
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DISGRASEED brutal death metal band from France, turn up in force with their vicious, debut full length gFlesh Marketh bringing a new and fresh approach to the Death Metal scene. This album consists of 9 insane tracks with memorable and catchy riffs, devastating blast beats and a wide range of guttural vocals. The "Flesh Market" album will sink you into the perversion of humanity !!! Dirty and nasty cover artwork and CD packaging design made by J.L Rey (Wormed) from Phlegeton Art Studio. For fans of Krisiun, Dying Fetus, Severe Torture, Kraanium, Goratory and more !
(GM008/2013) CD
Putrified J - "Devouring Rotten Viscera"
JAN Code : 4562222465082
Out on March 4th, 2013
[Track Listing]
1. Plagued Mind (Feat Excavated)
2. Spewage
3. Dying Of Starvation
4. Carnivorous Addiction
5. Cold Blooded Horror
6. Slamotopsy (Feat Vulvectomy)
7. Devouring Rotten Viscera
8. Wrath
9. Dismembered Whores Theater (Feat Abhorrent Castigation)
10. Destined To Rot (Feat Syphilic)
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PUTRIFIED J are back with their third album DEVOURING ROTTEN VISCERA. Darker, heavier and louder than ever, this album will destroy your brain with sick brutal death metal music. 10 tracks of the worldwide brutality machine for fans of heavy riffs, sick slams and powerful gutturals.
(GM009/2013) CD
Suicidal Causticity - "The Spiritual Decline"
JAN Code : 4562222465099
Out on May 27th, 2013
[Track Listing]
1. A Suicidal Causticity
2. Electrocuted Pregnancy
3. Orphan Of Any Human Lineaments
4. Incest With The Dead
5. Pedophagist
6. Excised And Infibulated
7. Eradication Of The Future Progeny
8. Soothe The Unbearable Thoughts
9. Decanting Your Intestine
10. Involutional Dynamics Of The Corporeal Mass
[Sales Point]
SUICIDAL CAUSTICITY, which means "caustic brutal death metal leading to cerebral suicide" comes this debut album: "The Spiritual Decline" includes ten tracks of unlawful sensations and commanding obliteration, created in Italy purposely to make your ears bleed! Brutal death metal composed of homicidal guitars and bass riffs, ravenous blast beats, all framed by gruesome growling vocals. A new reality in Death Metal from Italy with no compromise! For fans of Suffocation, Nile, Hour Of Penance, Spawn Of Possession and more!
(GM010/2013) CD
Gutslit - "Skewered In The Sewer"
JAN Code : ---
[Track Listing]
1. Intro
2. Offal Barter
3. Pustilated Phallic Enthrallment
4. Atrophic Cranial Disintigration
5. Circumsized With A Chainsaw
6. Haemorrhodial Brain Custard
7. Pulp Face
8. Skewered In The Sewer
9. Maze Of Entrail
[Sales Point]
Gutslit, a brutal death metal band hailing from India, present their debut offering entitled "Skewered In The Sewer". This album unleashes a relentless assault of barbaric death metal oozing with putrid emanations and cacophonous sonic mayhem. It features 9 deviant tracks which will plunge the listener into a maelstrom of insidious brutality and gore. With a demented cover art created by the master artist Mark Riddick and guest vocals by femme fatale Mallika Sundaramurthy of Abnormality and Parasitic Extirpation, "Skewered In The Sewer" marks a new dawn in the festering annals of brutal death metal. Highly recommended for fans of Insidious Decrepancy, Inveracity, Deeds of Flesh, Pyrexia and more.
(GM011/2013) CD
Parasitic Ejaculation - "Rationing The Sacred Human Remains"
JAN Code : ---
[Track Listing]
1. Rationing The Sacred Human Remains (Feat. Andrew Smith)
2. Cerebral Vivisection
3. Esophageal Decay (Feat. Tyler Sharpes)
4. Slow Torture Puke Chamber
5. Exuding Degenerative Cadavers
6. Tailor Of Human Flesh
7. Intrauterine Omophagia
8. Impalement Neurosis
9. Fomenting Fetishized Feederism
10. Distribution For Devourment (Feat. Zack Shaw)
[Sales Point]
From USA slamming brutal death metal band Parasitic Ejaculation comes their debut full-length record "Rationing the Sacred Human Remains". With 10 tracks of slamming guttural sickness infused with swift blast beats and groovy technicality, this album is guaranteed to make the hairs on your neck rise. Featured guest vocalists include Tyler Sharpes of Short Bus PileUp, Andrew Smith of Splattered and Logistic Slaughter, and Zack Shaw of Phalloplasty. For fans of Devourment, Abominable Putridity, and Vulvectomy!
(GM00?/2013) CD
Created From Pigs Mutilation - "Disgusting Abhorrent Creature"
JAN Code : ---
[Track Listing]
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