Please read before shopping
Amputated Vein Records cannot accept and send any ordering without registered. So YOU HAVE TO ADD [Registered Shipping Charge] to cart first.
Because of Sharlotte MacKenzie(Read below), we had to make this decision. If you can't agree our decision, email to this guy "". This is totally caused by this guy's !!!
Sharlotte MacKenzie from TX, US ordered 3 cds from us. He didn't add [Registered Shipping Charge] with his decision. We shipped his order immidiately. Next day he opened a dispute as "Please cancel my order, ordered wrong items. I will order the right ones.". We said "Your order has already been sent... Can't cancel.", and we suggested "Send us back when you got it, then we can refund the money, but we spent $5 for shipping, so you would have the refund $56.", but he didn't get back to us after our suggestion and he escalated to Paypal claim. Today(Oct 21th) we had to refund $61 to him forcibly by Paypal decision. We haven't got 3 cds back from him, now we have no way to know he deceived us or not. We lost 3 cds and $61. This is fucking absurdity story.
Be carefull with this guy Sharlotte MacKenzie, if you got the payment from him through Paypal.