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We want to thank all guys from Disgorge, Godless Truth, Insidious Decrepancy, Eternal Ruin, Digested Flesh, Mucopus, Vomit Remnants, Woundeep, Disconformity and Infected Malignity, fucking so much. And of course all sickos who attended the fest !
Are you going to the TDF 2006 ?
Hey everyone, Let's vote !
Vote only once except the guy who has voted to "Can't Decide Yet", do not vote over and over again.
Total : 109 Votes since May 5th, 2005
Sure ! Fuck Yeah ! 103 94.5%
No... 2 1.8%
Can't Decide Yet... 4 3.7%
Info for the sickos from oversea
If you are the sicko who are going to the TDF 2005. You can feel free to get in touch with us. Please send email from the Contact page. We might be able to help something for you.
As for the Pre-Fest on 29th, you cannot go out of the club (Hatsudai WALL) till the show ends. So you should eat something before you go into the club. On 30th, you can go out of the club (Shibuya CYCLONE) any time, and you would be able to bring somthing to eat and drink to the club, but do not throw out any trash on the floor.
We have started selling ticket, you can purchase your ticket from the tickets page or Amputated Vein Records and Macabre Mementos Records.
Shirt and Poster design have been added to the Merchandise page. You would be able to purchase them at the Pre-Fest and Tokyo Deathfest 2005.
Merchandiseにシャツとポスターのデザインを追加しました。Pre-FestとTokyo Deathfest 2005で購入可能です。
We are now accepting ticket pre-order from you !!!
We have decided not to pick one more Japanese bands on the TDF 2005. Now we have already got 10 bands on the TDF 2005, we need to give them enough time to play and we have to keep the time-table. So the full line-up on the TDF 2005 is the following.
急遽Digested Fleshの参加が決まったことを受け、バンドに十分な演奏時間を持ってもらうため、そしてタイムテーブルを円滑に進めるために10バンドでの開催を決定しました。よって、TDF 2005のフルラインナップは下記になります。
Disgorge (CA, USA)
Godless Truth (Czech)
Eternal Ruin (MD, USA)
Insidious Decrepancy (TX, USA)
Mucopus (NY, USA)
Digested Flesh (NJ, USA)
Vomit Remnants
Infected Malignity
Digested Flesh will be playing at the TDF 2005. We were asking the band whether they would be able to attend the TDF or not. Because they are a recording artist for Macabre Mementos Records. And finally we got their answer !!!
Digested FleshのTDF 2005への参戦が決定しました。
The last spot on TDF 2005 for overseas band will be Mucopus from New York.
We got over 30 entries from overseas bands. We really appreciate their interest in the spot on TDF 2005, and their patience. We had long discussion to pick an overseas band for the last spot on TDF 2005 almost every night. Finally we dicided to pick Mucopus for it. We apologize that we were not able to pick the rest of overseas bands for a part of TDF 2005. But next year, we would have the TDF 2006, so please keep in touch with us ! Thanks again.
Infected Malignity will be playing at the TDF 2005. One of both overseas band and japanese band will be also announced soon.
Infected MalignityがTDF 2005のLine-Upに追加されました。海外からの残り1バンドと、国内からの1バンドももうじき発表致します。
Tickets pageを更新しました。
Hey Sickos, We are proud to announce Insidious Decrepancy will be playing at the TDF 2005. One more overseas bands and two more japanese bands will be also announced soon.
Insidious DecrepancyがTDF 2005のLine-Upに追加されました。海外からの残り1バンドと、国内からの2バンドももうじき発表致します。
Hey Sickos, happy and brutal new year. We have added new inquiry about TDF 2005 shirt on the Merchandise page. Let's vote what shirt size you want to get !
明けましておめでとうございます。MerchandiseのページにTDF 2005のTシャツに関する新しいアンケートを設置しました。Premature Burial TourのTシャツで希望のサイズが手に入らなかったというお客様がかなりおられましたので、今回はSmallとMidium、XX-Largeの制作も検討しています。参考とさせて頂きたいので、どのサイズが欲しいか是非ご投票ください。
We have found a new venue fit for the TDF. TDF 2005 is now located at "Shibuya CYCLONE". See the Venue page to get more info.
TFD 2005の会場を渋谷サイクロンに変更しました。詳しくはVenueのページをご覧下さい。
Hey Sickos, we are glad that we got so good response from lots of overseas bands. We want to get 2 more bands for the TDF 2005 by the mid of Jan 2005. We are gonna send reply to all bands that got in touch with us by then. So please wait for the email from us for a while. We appreciate your interest in TDF. Thanks for getting in touch with us !!!
Prophecy would not be able to attend TDF 2005. But don't be disappointed. Hell yeah, Disgorge will be playing at the TDF 2005 as the Head Liner.
ProphecyはTDF 2005への参加ができなくなりました。しかしガッカリする事なかれ、Disgorgeがヘッドライナーを努めてくれるとのことです。
Woundeep will be playing at the TDF 2005.
WoundeepがTDF 2005のLine-Upに追加されました。
Disconformity will be playing at the TDF 2005.
DisconformityがTDF 2005のLine-Upに追加されました。
Vomit Remnants will be playing at the TDF 2005.
Vomit RemnantsがTDF 2005のLine-Upに追加されました。
The official site for the TDF has been opened to the public.
We are looking for the band that would be able to attend the Tokyo Deathfest 2005 on April 30th at its own cost. We have already booked one more shows as a Pre-Fest on April 29th for all overseas bands. So all overseas bands are able to have 2 shows in Tokyo. And we would be able to give the guarantee according to the ticket selling to all overseas bands. If you are the band that would be interested in attending the TDF 2005 and Pre-Fest, please get in touch with us from the Contact page.
Tokyo Deathfest Managementでは、出演バンドを募集しております。出演を希望されるバンド様はContactよりご応募下さい。なお国内バンド枠を超えるご応募があった場合は選考となりますので、予めご了承下さい。
Official site for the Tokyo Deathfest 2005 has been started.
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